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Street Sophisticato

I’ve known my friend Dekota for the last three years and through that time, he’s been the most fashionable person I know (in addition to being an awesome friend). He ran the (now defunct) blog GARÇON NOIR which chronicled his … Continue reading

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I love, love, love cooking with basil. I think the only food I don’t like eating it in is eggs (but that deserves it’s own post). I found an Eggplant Tomato Bake on tastespotting a few years ago that I … Continue reading

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Can’t Have Nice Things

Pickle likes to attack anything and everything that’s within eyesight, which means I can’t have nice things. His favorite thing to do lately is get really mad at incense smoke (he does the same thing with water running from the … Continue reading

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Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

I kind of have a thing for seeing how many different kinds of soup I can make every couple of months. This conveniently tends to fall when it’s winter or cold outside, so everybody wins. Lately I’ve been pretty into … Continue reading

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Pickle’s Kitty Video of the Week

Meow Meow Meow. Bringing you the best of my cousins every Wednesday. Stealth ceiling cat sighting!

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Doctor Pickle

Pickle and I cook pretty regularly. This means I scream inane things and he meows back. Or he just precariously lays behind my feet while I’m using the stove. My favorite little helper.

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Might as well jump right in. Lately, I’ve taken to feeding my neighbor’s cat in the morning when I sit outside or take out the trash. It started with me feeding him once or twice when he wandered by. Now … Continue reading

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