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The Pickle Report

  A wild LAUNDRY BASKET appears! FIGHT ITEMS RUN HP: 5/5 MP: 0/0 ITEMS: Meow Claws Throw Up Furball Potion (2x) CANCEL CLAWS equipped (+14 ATT) The wild LAUNDRY BASKET used DIRTY SOCKS. You take 2 points of damage FIGHT … Continue reading

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Can’t Have Nice Things

Pickle likes to attack anything and everything that’s within eyesight, which means I can’t have nice things. His favorite thing to do lately is get really mad at incense smoke (he does the same thing with water running from the … Continue reading

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Doctor Pickle

Pickle and I cook pretty regularly. This means I scream inane things and he meows back. Or he just precariously lays behind my feet while I’m using the stove. My favorite little helper.

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